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Friday, May 16, 2014

Home Design Tropical Minimalist with Relaxing Ambiance

You can basically feel the relaxing ambiance when you opt for tropical minimalist home design. Tropical residence is always related to a house situated on the beach or sea-shore. You will get the creativity from the tropical home style whenever redecorating the family room, sleeping room or even cooking area. What you ought to do is choosing the appropriate items to beautify your own house.

the furnishings manufactured in relaxed style

You could have the furnishings manufactured in relaxed style to make the family room more appealing. You can select natural fiber or rattan based furnishings for the fabric to provide tropical sensation. The living area can be established with some additional seats. The lights in tropical home can be created in straightforward installation. As a matter of fact, it could also be ornamented with some steel framings. The furnishings with identical tones can be a very good idea. You may utilize tinned or weaved furniture, that combines with the beach themed environment.

natural fiber furniture

The decoration or painting on the wall space will enhance the sea-themed atmosphere. You could really feel at seashore with bluish-green aerial colored walls. There may also be themed arrangements like huge paintings with sand and beach artwork. The pineapple plant and coconut palm accentuate improve the allure of beach arrangements. You may also utilize Tuscan mirrors that enhance the luxury and design of the beach-themed adjustments and family room.

Tropical Minimalist Draperies

For draperies, you can select mild colors as you'll want optimum sunshine into the 'beach room'. Yellow or white colored draperies tend to be excellent. When you have full drapery palm trees on it, so it’s really amazing. You may innovate and employ sky blue surface for roof. The roof could be decorated with aerial blue shades. You may also make use of aerial white for making a cloud consequence. If you wish to have a decorative appearance at home, it is possible to arrange some potted blossoms in a variety of colors around the window sills.

In terms of exterior design and features, you may try to set up a simple water fountain on the outdoor of your residence. You may keep the garden at home in tropical style as well. It could possibly fit the interior at your home. You may also set up water features in the sort of a waterfall or fish-pond to make your garden more captivating. If some spaces are still available in the garden, you may have a pool in the garden aside from water fountain or fish-pond.

The pool will remind you with a tropical atmosphere which is usually present in a vacation resort such as in Bali or Bahamas. Arrange some furniture chairs throughout the pool to make you stay interested. You may also put an umbrella to preserve your body from the severe sunshine. Include some outdoor rugs to keep the ground throughout the pool and garden totally free of water. All these arrangements will produce a gorgeous and splashy ambiance to your tropical minimalist home. You will find the touch of beach along with the consolation of your own home as well.
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Monday, March 31, 2014

Exterior Home Design

Making the exterior of the house is not easy. Because the houses are usually generally measuring only 4 feet to 8 feet that sometimes it is not again left vacant land in addition to the front porch though slightly.
Here are some examples of minimalist house exterior design pictures, classic, modern, Victorian, etc..

exterior home color ideas
exterior home color ideas

exterior home design ideas photos
exterior home design ideas photos

exterior home design ideas
exterior home design ideas

exterior home ideas
exterior home ideas

exterior house color ideas
exterior house color ideas

home exterior design ideas
home exterior design ideas

house colors exterior ideas
house colors exterior ideas
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Easy Tips to choose house paint colors

The best first step before you choose house paint colors is to determine what atmosphere you want to feel when you are inside the house ? If we had set the tone for what we want to feel, choose house paint color combinations will be easier .

We also have to consider the purpose of the room. Is the room to relax equipped with comfortable furniture and soft lighting ? Is the purpose of the room to be used as a kitchen ? Or just be a blank space to display artwork or other focal point .

If you want a minimalist , black and white is one of the best color choices for paint colors minimalist home . But if you prefer a home with color and colorful room , set the tone when in the home is very important .

Easy Tips to choose house paint colors
Color wheel

Color is a personal taste that shows identity .

 Red . Red color is warm and masculine . Color is able to attract attention and can generate energy . The red color giving spirit . Besides these colors seem sensual and luxurious . However , too much red can stimulate anger and aggressiveness .

Orange . Orange has a character similar to red , but more feminine and friendly . The color that symbolizes socialization , full of hope and confidence. Orange or orange can also evoke the spirit and can lead to positive feelings , happy , excited , and energized . Orange is believed to reduce depression or feeling depressed .

Pink . The color pink is red shades younger . Pink is a color that is warm , emotional , but also gentle and soothing . This color symbolizes not only the feelings of affection and love , but also gives the impression of youthful.

Yellow . Just like the sun , seem cheerful and bright yellow . This color can create a transparency . Yellow symbol of vigor and vitality , encourage self-expression and inspire . This color is suitable for a den or study room . However, the use of yellow color will give the impression lacking proper scary .

Peach . This color possessed a warm and gentle impression . This color is the color of the adult feminine .

Green . Color matched to the shade and rest . This color is commonly associated with a refreshing nature , generate energy and also able to provide a calming effect . Green can relieve stress , provide security and protection . When combined with a light green color yellow , it will create vivid colors . However, when combined with blue , would seem lonely and trapped .

Blue . Identical blue close to the element of water and air . This color is associated with nature , symbolizing harmony and give an impression of space . The use of blue can induce a feeling of calm and cool . Strong blue color , can stimulate and facilitate meditation .

Purple / Violet . Purple is a color that seemed magical and mystical . Lilac and lavender color looks more sensual , elegant , warm and feminine connotation . Dark purple can radiate energy, increase the power of intuition , imagination , creative , sensitive , and inspirational .

White . Holy , clean and glowing . White can create a clean feeling . Symbolizes purity and tranquility , innocence , comfort , and facilitate reflection . When combined with black or gray , will create a modern and trendy atmosphere , and still produce warmth . However, too much white , can cause feelings of cold , sterile , stiff , and isolated .

Black . This color has the power and masculine and elegant impression . The use of black color should fit , because if one uses these colors will make the room seem cramped . Besides the color black is also a symbol of grief and can cause feelings of distress

Gray . It is a neutral color that can create a serious impression , but also reassuring and creates a feeling of peace . Another impression of gray among others , independent and stable , creating the impression of silence and wide . But also impressed gray cold , stiff , and not communicative . Combine gray with brown , it can create warmth and remain memorable .

Chocolate . This color is a natural color , warm and down to earth . Brown brings comfort , giving the impression of graceful and elegant . With a combination of natural and earth colors , these colors can create a family atmosphere in the house . Can give confidence and a sense of security , which is familiar and soothing colors . Chocolate can also encourage commitment , but also can be heavy and stiff when too many .

7 practical tips home renovation paint

  • Choose quality paint and adjust the type of use , for example : to the inner room ( interior ) use interior paint , while the weathershield paint specifically for painting the outside ( exterior ) .
  • know a good painting techniques . How to move a good paint brush is from top to bottom in order to generate surface forms a good coat of paint . Avoid sparks spilling paint on the brush because it can cause bumpy surface paint . Can also be combined with painting sideways to produce a layer that closes perfectly  
  • If you have to paint with a mix of colors, try mixing in a small amount first before paint an entire room. If you happy with the result, mix the paint with countable combination. So, if you are running out the paint, you can mix for 2nd time with correct color. This is to avoid the color difference between the first mixture with the second mixture .
  • Tips How to mix a color
  • Never paint the walls or other components of the house in the condition :
  1.         Exposed to direct sunlight heat .
  2.         Air temperature and the surface of the object to be painted below 50 degrees Celsius .
  3.         On top of that misty surface ( gassy ) .
  4.         During foggy weather air ( moist due to water vapor ) .

  • If you had painted several times , replace the container of paint cans with the new cans . This is to avoid changing the paint color and inequality .
  • Make sure all surfaces to be painted completely clean , free of dirt and grease . Scrape or peel the old paint and then sanding until blended so that the new paint can be attached firmly to the surface to be painted . 
  • On the surface of the wall , cover small holes that exist with plamir or wall filler , after doing a dry sanding until blended . As for the wood surface , if there are remnants of nails that can not be revoked , hit and sank until not visible from the surface of the wood and then cover with putty until smooth and dry, sanding done ....
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6 Things to Make Expensive Home with Low Cost Budget

Not everyone can have a luxurious home decor. And not everyone can design a house with a classy style. But, almost everyone wants premium and classy home.
Apparently, the trick is simple, you can have a home decor looks expensive, even though it is not. Here are some simple ideas that can help you design a house that looks expensive. 

bedroom design
Simple White Curtain can make your bedroom look classy

The middle part of the room This area is the center of attention. So, put the most expensive furniture in the middle of the room. For example, figura or sculpture

Choose Cheap Paint but high saturated Color the house with a luxurious and harmonious colors to your home furniture. You do not have to paint the walls of the house with high-quality paint. By combining bright shades that fit, paint the walls of your home could look more charming and luxurious.
Wall graphics If you have the soul of art, you can use different colors of paint to create a graphic wall. This makes the walls of the house becomes more appealing and looks expensive.
Curtain Always use a unique curtains. You do not need to buy expensive curtains. Cheap curtains that you can be design in such a way to make it look more attractive and expensive.
Glass shelf Glass is much less expensive than wood, but it looks very classy. Buy a cheap flat glass. Then hang it on the wall as a shelf. You can put books, vases, or other decoration on the glass shelf.
Books The book is very useful to fill the empty space. Books are usually regarded as a friend of the wise man. Good collection of books on the shelves could compensate for the lack of luxury goods.
Similarly tip that decorating your home look more expensive and classy. Hopefully it can help you design a better home.
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Ideas for your babies bed furniture

Many preparations to be made by parents when expecting the birth of the baby. One is the preparation crib. The selection of cribs have a very important role for the health of the baby, because most of the time the baby's growth occurs when the baby is sleeping. Therefore , the necessary preparation in choosing a crib, so the baby can sleep comfortably. In addition, when the baby is asleep comfortably, it can also provide plenty of time for parents.
In the selection of baby bedding, in addition to the convenience factor, the safety factor should also be considered baby . Many cases of infant suffered injuries from falling out of bed, poisoned by bed materials and a variety of other cases that could pose a danger to infants associated with this crib. 

Here are some babies bed furnitures, maybe help you to choose 

02 - Orbelle 3-6T Toddler Bed
02 - Orbelle 3-6T Toddler Bed

disney bedroom - tinkerbell
disney bedroom - tinkerbell

Fisher-Price Rainforest 4-Piece Toddler Set
Fisher-Price Rainforest 4-Piece Toddler Set

portable Bed
portable Bed

todler bed
todler bed

The following are some of the criteria and quick tips in choosing a safe baby bed :
limiting Beds

  •     The distance between the bars of a safe crib is < 6 cm , to avoid the baby wedged in between the guardrail .
  •     The top of the bed guardrail should be spaced at least 26 inches from the mat , to ensure that the baby can not climb out . Stop or change the bed when high infant has exceeded 3/4 bed guardrail height .
  •     Make sure that the barrier cots can only be opened in at least two steps and effort to open for a minimum of 5kg ; so the baby can not let go of her bed guardrail . Make sure moms have full guardrail shut every time putting your child to sleep in his bed .

Materials and Components
  •     Cots should be free of sharp corners and has a rough surface .
  •     Avoid cots that have dangerous lead content in the paint or material .
  •     Check periodically cots . Note the bed components such as the possible loose bolt , barrier , and others .

  •     The size mattress should really fit . Do not have interposed between the mattress and the bed . If two adult fingers can fit in between , the possibility the baby could be pinched .
  •     Mattress should not be made ​​too soft to avoid setting of the baby's face so that she had difficulty breathing . Remember to always lay the baby on her back .
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Sunday, March 30, 2014

Chosing Contemporer furniture For your Home

One important element for an office and home's interior design , which will always be needed to beautify and have full functionality both for the whole family as well as in terms of creating the atmosphere of the interior is furniture.  

contemporary bedroom furniture
contemporary bedroom furniture
Because contemporary interior design is also synonymous with the modern concept , it also refers to contemporary furniture modern furniture design that reflects the simplicity , cleanliness and design that has multiple functions and benefits .

contemporary home furniture
contemporary home furniture

contemporary home theater furniture
contemporary home theater furniture
Contemporary which simply means the present, it has a variety of shapes that varied with the use of alternative materials are diverse . Wood has many 'friends' replacement on contemporary furniture . Stainless steel , glass , acrylic on backbones , to leather in furniture upholstery materials that are usually used in contemporary furniture design .

contemporary furniture
contemporary furniture

chair furniture contemporary
chair furniture contemporary
Art and interior design is related to , but not easy to combine the two. " Two areas that can not stand on their own , " art and design is the fruit of infinite creativity . Collaboration between art and design to produce a unique form of furniture and fun . Your young soul was reflected in the selection of furniture with colors and graphics are very dynamic .

inexpensive contemporary furniture
inexpensive contemporary furniture

modern contemporary furniture
modern contemporary furniture

Furniture that is a primary component for your home design and its also a reflection of the character and identity of the occupants . To house inhabited by a couple who are young at heart , the selection of colors and unique shape on the very right furniture into the house interior components . Unique design by incorporating elements of art help fuel the special value in the room . " Furniture can indeed be a major element in determining the style of interior design that is selected in a room , " .
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Home Interior Design; designing and arranging room for the baby

Designing and arranging the room for the baby ! What should be prepared ? Let's follow these tips .
air circulation
No matter the size of a small or a large room, which is important make sure the baby's room has good air circulation. The rooms must have windows that can be opened so that there is change in the air in the room. The existence of the window also allows sunlight to enter the room that is not dark and not humid.

Baby Girl Room Ideas tips
baby girls room ideas
baby girls room ideas

room furnishings
While still a baby, the most important needs in the room is :

  1.     crib
  2.     Changing table clothes
  3.     wardrobe
  4.     Couch or chair that is comfortable for breastfeeding mothers
  5.     Box or cupboard for storing toys and books
baby girl room ideas; pink color
baby girl room ideas

It could be thought also to choose the adjustable crib so that your child can use for a long time . Even for a wardrobe, cupboard which can be selected so that the model can also be used lasting until your child grow up .

baby room decorating ideas for girls
baby room decorating ideas for girls

Room lighting
In ideally needs some room lighting .

  • The light over the light so that the mother gets enough light if necessary to do things that require precision such as when changing a diaper .
  • Soft lights accompany your child to sleep .
  • Select the shape and type of lights are safe from the reach of the child, such as a lamp or chandelier paste . Note also that cables and electrical holes, secure from the reach of the child.

baby room ideas for girls
baby room ideas for girls
There are many ways to decorate the walls :

  1. It could also be left empty and painted with pastel colors .
  2. If you want a little more festive , wall murals can also be made with pictures of your child's favorite colors are exciting .
  3. Wallpaper can also be an alternative for ' coloring ' walls , choose colors and patterns that match the theme with furniture and rooms .
  4. Importantly , if you plan to paint the room , you should select a paint that is safe for children ( non - toxic ) .

girl baby room ideas
girl baby room ideas

Avoid the use of carpets because it can hold the dust. Choose wood or tiled floors are easy to clean. Avoid using small carpet ( rug ) that does not have a rubber coating on the bottom, because the risk of making your child slipped 

ideas for baby girl room
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